St. Thomas Water Taxi Our Rates

Rates based on a party of 6 traveling from Saphire Beach, St. Thomas to:
For more information on St. Thomas Water Taxi Rates and US Virgin Islands Public Passenger Ferry Information Click Here

  • St. John, US Virgin Islands $150
  • Crown Bay $200
  • West end, Tortola $355
  • Jost Van Dyke $355
  • Nanny Cay, Tortola $450
  • Road Town, Tortola $495
  • Guana Island $600
  • Hodges Creek $620
  • Peter Island $635
  • Scrub island $665
  • Cooper Island $665
  • Spanish Town, Virgin Gorda $775
  • Bitter end, Virgin Gorda $855
  • St. Thomas Boat Rentals

    Jost Van Dyke

    From either St.Thomas or St. John, Jost Van Dyke is a short trip away. You don't need to bother with the Ferry to Jost - Let St. Thomas Water Taxi handle everything. Just sit back and enjoy the ride!

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    Water Taxi to The Baths

    Virgin Gorda

    Looking for an easy way to get to Little Dix Bay, the Bitter End, Bires Creek or just want to see the Baths? St. Thomas Water Taxi is as simple as climbing on board! Call today!

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    Water Taxi Tortola Moorings Sunsail


    Whether you want to go to listen to Jimmy Buffet at Cane Garden Bay or party all night at the Bomba Shack, St. Thomas Water Taxi makes it easy to get to Tortola. Give us a call!

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    st. thomas water taxi boat

    St. Thomas Water Taxi - This is what we're all about!

    Locally owned and operated, St. Thomas Water Taxi has been in the boating business for several years in the Virgin Islands. Meet our Captains: John, Roy, Alex and Nate. All of our captains hold USCG Masters license and have been operating in the waters surrounding the Virgin Islands for a combined 30 years of experience.

    Our fleet consist of Ocean Catamarans, designed and built in the Virgin Islands specifically for the Caribbean waters. Due to their unique twin hull design, our Ocean Catamarans are more stable and more fuel efficient providing you a smooth ride that also saves at the fuel pump - a savings we are happy to pass on to you.

     trip to Jost Van Dyke

    What we can do for you. You're on vacation so sit back and relax!

    Let's face it we all know how horrible air travel can be these day. The last thing you want to do after a long flight is wait at a taxi stand only to crammed into a van with 12 or more strangers - followed by waiting sometimes hours for the public ferry. It's not unheard of wasting a whole day getting to some of the British Virgin Islands. Let St. Thomas Water Taxi handle everything for you so you can start your vacation as soon as you get on board.

    St. Thomas Water Taxi offers private taxi service from Cyril E. King Airport (STT) to either of our locations on the East End of St. Thomas. From there one of our experienced captains will assist you with your luggage and take you on to your final destination in one of our comfortable Ocean Catamarans.

    We offer 24 hour service to any of the US or British Virgin Islands. Please note that 24 hour service maybe limited depending on overtime hours for the British Customs and Immigration. For travel to the British Virgin Islands a current passport is required in addition to Customs & Immigration Fees.

    We are not just a water taxi service, we can also custom day trips and charters to Jost Van Dyke or any of the islands - for more information see St. Thomas Boat Rental.

    If you have an questions about traveling to the British Virgin Islands feel free to contact us. Call (813) 465-2665 or Contact Us

    St. Thomas Water Taxi: Our Rates.

    Is your flight landing in St. Thomas late in the day? Maybe you don't want to spend the money for an overnight stay on St. Thomas!? Are you ready to start your relaxing vacation now; not when you get to your resort? It is your vacation, skip the public ferry and treat yourself to a private water taxi, with St. Thomas Water Taxi!

    Rates based on a party of 6 traveling from Saphire Beach, St. Thomas to:

  • St. John, US Virgin Islands $150
  • Crown Bay $200
  • West end, Tortola $355
  • Jost Van Dyke $355
  • Nanny Cay, Tortola $450
  • Road Town, Tortola $495
  • Guana Island $600
  • Hodges Creek $620
  • Peter Island $635
  • Scrub island $665
  • Cooper Island $775
  • Spanish Town, Virgin Gorda $775
  • Bitter end, Virgin Gorda $855
  • Plus Customs & Immigration Fees
    Private Land taxi from the airport to Sapphire Beach Marina for a party up to 6 is $120
    Please call for quotes for parties larger than 6
    For other destintations please contact us

    Virgin Islands Ferry Information

    The virgin islands has a public ferry system that runs between the US Virgin Islands and the British Virgin Islands. Their are two ferry terminals located on St. Thomas, one is located in downtown Charlotte Amalie and the other in Red Hook. When flying into Cyril E. King Airport (STT) on St. Thomas it will be necessary to take a taxi from the airport to get to either location.

    Public Ferry information from St. Thomas to St. John

    The passenger or "people" ferry runs on a fairly regular basis between St. John and St. Thomas. The Red Hook ferry is very reliable running daily. The daily schedule runs: 5:30am, 6:30am, 7:30am, and then it runs on the hour every hour from 8am till midnight. Please note the last ferry returning to Red Hook, St. Thomas from St. John is at 11pm! The "downtown" ferry runs a route from downtown Charlotte Amalie to Cruz Bay St. John. This ferry is not as predictable or dependable as the Red Hook ferry. It picks up dockside near the Cruise Ship market (note this is not in or near the Ferry Terminal Building) and there are no signs, look for an orange and white boat on most days! This ferry costs a little more and runs 3 times a day starting at 10am, 1pm and 5:30pm.
    Public Ferry Prices from St. Thomas to St. John:
    from Red Hook, St. Thomas to Cruz Bay St. John: $7 per passenger plus $4 per piece of luggage
    from downtown Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas to Cruz Bay St. John: $13 per passenger plus $4 per piece of luggage
    note: both ferries will require a taxi trip when coming from St. Thomas Airport

    There currently is no regularly operating ferry between St. Thomas and St. Croix contact us for more information. Alternatively you can try Seaborne Airlines

    Public Ferry information from St. Thomas to the British Virgin Islands

    There are several ferry companies making trips between St. Thomas and Tortola. There are two ferry terminals on St. Thomas, one dedicated ferry terminal in downtown Charlote Amalie (next to SeaBorne Airlines) and the other being Red Hook.

    It is highly recommended to call to confirm ahead of time that these public ferries are actually running on schedule. Schedules change without notice and fluctuate between seasons.

    Both locations will require a ride in a taxi, please give yourself an extra 30 - 45 minutes if traveling to Red Hook to catch an inter island ferry.
    Public Ferry information from St. Thomas to Tortola
    There are several companies running to both Road Town and West End, Tortola start at 8 or 8:30am and then again at noon and every 2 hours with the last ferry running at 4pm Monday thru Friday. The ferry does run Saturday and Sunday but it is recommended to call to confirm the schedule depending on the time of year.
    Public Ferry prices from St. Thomas to Tortola depends on the company but runs between $35-40 dollars not including extra fees for BVI Customs and Immigration and luggage fees.
    Public Ferry information from St. Thomas to Virgin Gorda
    This boat runs on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday only and stops off to pick up more passengers in St. John. It is a 2 hour boat ride not including the stop over.
    Ferry prices from St. Thomas to Virgin Gorda $90 dollars per passenger not including extra fees for BVI Customs and Immigration and luggage fees.
    Passenger Ferry information from St. Thomas to Jost Van Dyke
    The ferry from St. Thomas to Jost Van Dyke runs Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday starting at 8am with the other trip at 2:45pm. Friday starting at 8am and again at 2pm and Sunday starting at 8am and again at 4pm.
    Public Ferry prices from St. Thomas to Jost Van Dyke $70 dollars per passenger not including extra fees for BVI Customs and Immigration and luggage fees.
    Public Ferry information from St. Thomas to Cooper Island, Scrub Island and Peter Island
    There is no public option. In most cases you will have to make arrangements to travel to Tortola and travel from Road Town.

    Most of the ferry routes leaving St. Thomas stop over in St. John before continuing to Spanish Town, Virgin Gorda and Jost Van Dyke.

    If you are considering taking a public ferry on your vacation, please take into account the additional costs and time spent. St. Thomas Water Taxi will leave on your schedule. Trips to Virgin Gorda take as little as 45 minutes not 2 hours and often time we can take you directly to your resort. If you are arriving late, we can make arrangements with customs and immigration to handle your late arrival - saving you from spending the night on St. Thomas.

    St. John Water Taxi

    Visiting St. John? Believe us you're gonna love it!

    St. John is a beautiful island consisting of many pristine white beaches that have been preserved by our National Park system. Staying on St. John most visitors rent a private villa or stay at one of the few resorts here; Caneel Bay, Westin, and St. John's newest resort Grande Bay. Getting to St. John from the airport typically involves a cab ride that can take up to an hour depending on how many passengers the cab company piles in, followed by a thirty minute public ferry to Cruz Bay. Public Ferry leaves every hour on the hour but service from St. Thomas is St. Thomas Water Taxi will make arrangements for you to be picked up at the airport and taken directly over to one of our locations. Our boats typically take about 15 minutes between Red Hook, St. Thomas and Cruz Bay St. John. For people arriving late into St. Thomas or perhaps catching an early flight back home - we also offer 24hr service with advance notice.

    Virgin Islands Water Taxi

    We can reach those hard to get to places. Leave everything up to us after all it's our backyard!

    Just south of St. Thomas is the "newest" US Virgin Island- Water Island- was purchased by the territory from the federal government in 1996. The east end of Water Island is where you'll find Honeymoon Beach - occasionally they show films on the beach there at night. The west end of Water Island is a private gated community called Sprat Bay Estates.

    Lovango Island, just north of the Pillsbury Sound, has approximately six private homes, some of which are short term rental villas. Lovango is also a very popular spot for snorkeling and many visitors from St. John and St. Thomas make this a snorkel stop on their way to Jost Van Dyke.

    There are over ten other minor islands in the US Virgin Islands, wherever you're planning to go give us a call!

    Soggy Dollar Bar Boat Trip

    The Infamous Jost Van Dyke... It really is all that and a bag of chips!

    Whether it is the beautiful white sand beach of White Bay, the unspoiled Caribbean atmosphere, or just the Painkillers- it's no surprise that Jost Van Dyke, British Virgin Islands is so popular among tourists and locals! There are over 20 bars and restaurants on an island which has a population just over 200! Jost is home to many great beach bars likeSoggy Dollar Bar, Foxy's, Gertrude's, One Love, Sidney's Peace and Love and Foxy's Taboo to name a few! There are over 20 bars and restaurants on an island which has a population just over 200! Whether your staying at Ivan's, the Sandcastles, a private villa or just hanging out for the day - call St. Thomas Water Taxi to take you there. Relax and be on your own schedule, let our experienced captains check you through British Virgin Islands customs and immigration.

    Ferry to tortolla

    Welcome to Tortola. The big island of the BVIs.

    From Soper's Hole to Trellis Bay and everything in between St. Thomas Water Taxi can get you there! The north shore of Tortola is home to some world famous beaches and popular surf spots. Trellis Bay and the Bomba Shack - which is located in Cappon's Bay - hold infamous Full Moon Parties. The west end, also known as Soper's Hole is home to BVI Customs and Immigration and also some great shopping as well as Pusser's Landing makers of the world famous Rum.

    Taking a ferry to Tortola can literally take hours especially waiting in line for customs and immigration with hundreds of other passengers. Let St. Thomas Water Taxi do all the work for you.

    Water Taxi Virgin Gorda

    Beautiful Virgin Gorda. Also known as the Fat Virgin!

    At the far end of the Sir Francis Drake Channel, Virgin Gorda is the third largest of the British Virgin Islands and is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Christopher Columbus named Virgin Gorda because he felt the island looked like a woman lying on her side. On Virgin Gorda, you will find the world famous Baths. The Baths are a unique granite formations that have been pushed up out of the sea floor to create stunning caves and grottoes on the beautiful white sandy beaches. Virgin Gorda is also home to many 5-star accomodations like Little Dix Bay, Oil Nut Bay, Bires Creek, Leverick Bay and the Bitter End Yacht Club. Getting here is easy- just call St. Thomas Water Taxi. We can arrange everything from pick up at St. Thomas Airport, getting you quickly through customs in either the West End of Tortola or Spanish Town, Virgin Gorda.

    Water Taxi Peter Island

    Peter Island. The largest Private Island of the BVIs!

    Home to Peter Island Resort which is the main development on the island, Peter Island provides up top-notch service along with the feeling of being on a secluded island. The resort was twice named "The best place to stay on the planet" by Conde Naste Traveler and currently among Forbe's top 10 Super Romantic Places of 2013.

    Dead Man's Bay, the most popular beach on island, is open to hotel guests and day trippers alike. Dead Man's Bay got it's name from the story of Black Beard leaving several mutinous crew members stranded on the nearby island called Dead Man's Chest. Legend has it that the castaways that couldn't make the two mile swim washed up at Dead Man's Bay. You can now enjoy Dead Man't Bay without the big swim - give St. Thomas Water Taxi a call!

    Water Taxi Cooper Island

    What's not to like about Cooper Island? The perect spot for a little rest and relaxation and the food's not bad either!

    The antithesis to Peter Island's upscale elegance, Cooper Island Beach Club is a super casual eco resort. Cooper Island is completely self sustaining offering lots of great activities like snorkeling or diving and did we mention relaxation? Cooper Island Beach Club has an excellent restaurant and is a favorite lunch spot among many local sailors and bareboat charters. Cooper Island is across the Sir Frances Drake Channel from Tortola. Coming from St. Thomas or St. John? Skip the public ferry to Tortola followed by another boat ride to Cooper and just call St. Thomas Water Taxi to take you straight there.

    Water Taxi Scrub Island

    Staying at Scrub Island? Enjoy private island luxury and convenience.

    A part of the Marriot's Autograph Collection, Scrub Island Resort as lots of ammenities. It is a mile away from Tortola's Trellis Bay which offers great night life and shopping and the resort has excellent marina and spa services.

    Getting to Scrub Island from St. Thomas can be a challenge. 1. You can either take a small plane from St. Thomas Airport to Beef Island followed by a boat trip to Scrub Island. 2. Rely on the public ferry to take you to Rhode Town Tortola followed by a long and expensive cab ride to Trellis Bay followed by another boat trip or 3. And the third is alway a charmer, you sit back and let St. Thomas Water Taxi take you straight there from St. Thomas! It's as easy as picking up the phone!

    Snorkel Tours British Virgin ISlands

    Vacationing on Guana Island? You probably like your privacy...

    Guana Island is an 850 acre wildlife refuge featuring 7 secluded beaches. Located on this private island is the exclusive Guana Resort. The island itself is has a diverse richness of flora and fauna and species can be found here that have been long extinct on other Virgin Islands. Guana has 3 amazing and near pristine reef systems untouched by crowds of tourists the visit the BVI's every year. Let St. Thomas Water Taxi take you there!

    Snorkeling BVI

    Other BVIs You name it, we'll make it happen.

    There are tons of islands that make of the British Virgins Islands, whatever your plans are give St. Thomas Water Taxi a call. Our captains each have over ten years experience exploring these waters. It doesn't matter if you want to snorkel the Caves on Norman Island or have a ski shot with some friends at the Willy-T, we can get you there.

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